We can help you choose the best assessment for your child’s needs.

The assessment process includes:

  Step 1

A parent session for discussion of your child’s needs and collection of background information. This can be a face to face meeting between the psychologist and the parent(s) or can be completed via Telehealth. Cost is $150 for this initial session which will come off the total assessment cost if you decide to go forwards with the assessment for your child.

  Step 2

A Quote is provided to parents outlining assessment recommendations and costs.

  Step 3

Acceptance of Quote if parents are happy with the outline. Our fees are very competitive with the market as I understand financial pressures for families. At this stage a small payment plan can be organised if you feel that it is better for your family to pay off the assessment in smaller portions.

  Step 4

Child attends assessment session(s)

  Step 5

The assessment is scored and analysis conducted.

  Step 6

A comprehensive written report is provided with results and recommendations.

  Step 7

A Feedback session for parents is conducted either face to face or via Telehealth to discuss findings from the assessment and ways to move forward following this process including funding opportunities that might be available.

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