Assessments can lead to early intervention and the best outcomes for your children.

As a Senior Psychologist, I can offer my breadth of experience in understanding families and conducting psychological assessments for your child.  I will make recommendations for future pathways to enhance your child’s development and help advocate for support.

At Good Vibes we provide assessments for children from 3-16 years of age for the following:


 Cognitive Assessment for learning strengths and weaknesses (including WISC-V and WPPSI-IV).

 Educational Assessments to identify learning needs

 Adaptive Functioning Assessments for development level in Everyday Life skills

 Autism Assessments (including ADOS-II and ADI-R)

 Developmental Assessments to evaluate Developmental Delay

  An ADHD Assessment Process

 Anxiety and Mood Assessments

  Behavioural Screeners

 Assessment for Social Skills.


We invite you to complete the form below and we will get back to you quickly with some feedback regarding your issue and if your child might require an assessment.

Assessment Enquiry

Whether you have been referred by a teacher, GP, paediatrician or have your own concerns, we are happy to have a chat and work out a pathway forward. Please complete the below enquiry form indicating the assessments that you might be interested in.

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